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Commercial and Business Law

Contracts and agreements. Commerce. Trading. If you engage in any of these, we offer highly specialized legal guidance, legal business advice and protection. Our team of experienced corporate minds will protect your interests in full. Focus on your business - we will take care of your worries.

Real Estate and Conveyancing

Buying, selling, leasing or licensing property is a headache. Let us take this burden away from you . Our experienced team provides efficient, client-centric solutions to property transactions. Reach out to us and sit back as we protect your property interests.

Our awesome features
Our awesome features

Legal Audits and Compliance

Are you certain that your organization is fully compliant with all the Laws of Kenya? Our team specializes in ensuring that your entity is in good legal health. We are legal audit and legal compliance experts, and we pride ourselves in ensuring that your organisation is legally compliant.

Employment and Labour Law

Our team calls on innovative and tactful employment lawyers that will protect you, or your organisation, from the legal risks associated with employment and labour practices. We represent both employers and employees and as such, we have experience in handling issues from either side of the divide.


Succession and Estate Planning

Are you in need of protecting your assets for the benefit of your children? Our estate planning department possesses vast experience in gently guiding clients to securing their wishes. With various tailored means of protecting your assets (including Wills, Trusts, Holding Companies and Nominations), we shall ensure that your wishes come true, during and after your earthly life.

Family Law

- Adoptions. - Maintenance and Custody. - Parental Responsibility Agreements. - Divorce and Settlements. We know that you value your privacy. And that of your family. Secure your intentions with us and let us offer our innovative ideas to make your family matters progress seamlessly.

Our awesome features

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